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IT Support vs Cyber protection. What’s the difference for your organisation?

How well do you understand the level of cyber security protection in place at your organisation? Are you aware of the gaps a typical outsourced IT department may have when it comes to your cyber security?

Many SME owners and executives have limited knowledge of this topic. And that is completely understandable, there are many hats SME owners need to wear and cyber security is rarely the first one they put on in the morning.. 

Does it really matter?

Categorically yes! The executive decisions you make regarding your business and navigating risk management on several frontiers rely on accurate information and professional advice. Your approach to cyber security should be no different. The potential reputational and financial consequences of a major breach speak for themselves. (If you are interested in reading more on this, Kloudwerk has published many articles on the constantly evolving Cyber Threat landscape and its impact on business).

Let’s explore this topic a little further. The matrix below covers two areas:
1. The vertical axis lists the layers of digital technology a typical business utilises to realise its goals.
2. The horizontal axis covers the elements of a solid security strategy (based on the US National Institute of Standards and Technology best practice cybersecurity framework) 

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How many of these boxes do you think are ticked by your current IT provider? 

You may be surprised to learn that your business is likely covered as per the matrix diagram below!

*Table refers to typical security coverage provided by outsourced IT services. Some providers may offer more comprehensive cover than the
image suggests

A typical IT support firm is focused on ensuring your business can rely on IT systems 24/7. Although they cover an element of cyber security, typically using anti-virus software, they don’t necessarily look at the bigger picture. 

For companies who rely on their IT support firm for cyber security, common security gaps can appear in the data and applications layers. Companies may not know exactly where their data is, how protected it is and who has access to it. On the application layer, companies tend to use many software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, often they do not fully protect these with strong passwords and multi-factor authentication.

Making sure you are on top of these risks is time consuming and requires a level of knowledge which business owners generally don’t have. But there are very affordable solutions available. Kloudwerk offers cyber security consulting packages to help identify and manage your cyber security risks, without blowing your budget!

We have seen in the table above the likely coverage from outsourced IT providers so what difference can a cyber security specialist make? 

Let’s look at what Kloudwerk, a cyber security specialist firm, offers. 


A holistic Cyber Security firm specialises in covering all elements of a solid security framework. We do this by first getting to know your company through a series of conversations. Once we know what makes you tick, what technology and data you use, we identify security risks and help you implement solutions that give the best ROI. Here are some examples of how our services are utilised by clients.

If you feel your business may be vulnerable to the cyber risks, we’d really like to support your transition to establishing a modernised cyber resilience.

We fill your security gap by utillising seasoned security professionals in our affordable consulting packages. 

– We build an understanding of your organisation
– We develop a roadmap to address key risks
– We help you implement the required changes and keep your business protected on an ongoing basis. 

Visit our Cyber Consultancy page for more information 


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