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Expert-delivered Cyber security services

Taking care of complex security objectives, for which you would need a well-trained and experienced team. 

If you don’t have such a team, we offer ours to achieve the same results.

Security Assessment Services

Assessing your on-premise or cloud workloads and infrastructure for misconfigurations and malpractices which could lead to a breach or allow human error

Active Directory Assessment

It is as much about your processes as it is about its configuration.
We check everything and create detailed plans for improvements.

Information Security Risk Assessment

The most extensive of our audits. Covers over 700 controls across 19 security domains and the full scope of NIST 800-53.

SOC 2 Readiness Assessment

If your SaaS company needs help preparing for an SOC 2 audit, our experts will discover all improvement opportunities and help you get ready for the final report audit.

UK Cyber Essentials Assessment

Obtain the Cyber Essentials certification with our help

Essential 8 Assessment

Achieve the Essential 8 certification in Australia


Implementation & Consulting Services

When you need someone with experience to solve a complex security problem fast

Virtual CISO

The solution for when you need a Chief Information Security Officer, but cannot find a qualified one or need someone part-time

Ransomware Negotiation

Negotiation with criminals is best left to a professional negotiator. Our experience leads to 25% to 75% decrease in ransomware payments when recovery is not an option or when the hackers threaten with leaking your data.

CMMC 2.0 for Defense Contractors

We help US/UK/AU/EU defense contractors comply with the CMMC 2.0 requirements

AWS Security as a Service

Covering the full spectrum of what your business uses in AWS. We will help you implement the security features and processes towards the most secure state of your cloud assets.




Imagine you own a house and want to add an additional floor. First you have to review and strengthen the foundations. This service builds cybersecurity foundations to facilitate growth in a resilient, timely manner.

This service will also provide the company with a cybersecurity risk assessment and improvement plan but with significantly more support from a senior consultant to help the company embed improvements in a continuous, timely manner


The dreaded car MOT is looming. It’s the unforeseen wear & tear that results in some necessary annual maintenance. Our cybersecurity review will highlight what needs to be done as your engineers.

In addition to the context gathering stage and security footprinting service, a senior consultant will perform a risk assessment to understand the company’s cyber risks and provide recommendations. They will also be available to undertake monthly calls for answering questions, providing guidance and checking on whether risks are reducing.


You’re embarking on a more active lifestyle, chosen to go on a diet and get in shape. Think of this service as the cybersecurity equivalent of the personal trainer, helping you along the way.

After an initial context gathering stage, a junior security consultant will be available once per month to answer questions and provide recommendations based on company goals and activities. A cybersecurity footprinting service will allow the company to continuously monitor its external security posture.

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