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Advisors are engaging with the latest digital innovations

Not only are they bringing fresh thinking into their teams at all levels, but are helping customers in their engagement with technology.  Authentic dialogue builds trust with a growing class of mass affluent households, whose daily lives are impacted by all things having to do with computers.

The financial advice and wealth management industry is enjoying technology innovations.  These tools assist in sourcing, onboarding, advising and retaining clients.  You may feel overwhelmed by regulatory obligations surrounding data protection and privacy.  Here too advisory & wealth tech is flush with providers who are helping you stay compliant.  In an online society that is increasingly exposed to malicious actors, the advisors and planners know they are prime targets for cyber criminals.  They are therefore focusing on robust systems and security processes from dedicated technology providers.

Managers are inundated by advisory & wealth tech solutions

Be it consultants who are offering guidance on your digital journey, or technology providers with fascinating and often ground-breaking solutions, you are understandably spoilt for choice.  Ultimately, the quality of integration is more important than the best productivity tool.  To begin this digital journey is often baffling, appears like taking a huge leap of faith, and will certainly tie up precious investment capital.

Learn how to use the stuff you already have

It could be as simple as first taking a closer look at the technology estate you are already paying for.  In other words, making better use of the native features of the software which is rich in functionalities that are ignored.

Upskilling your teams in computing essentials is also a successful approach.  From the executive through to all levels of employee, you are collectively steeped in technology as users.  Your goal should be to empower teams to discover tools by building confidence in IT know-how.

Kloudwerk’s editorial board publishes regular insights.  They aim to strip away the tech jargon and instead offer plain English summaries of computing subjects which will hopefully resonate with you and your team.

Our Memo provides further insight.

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