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3 questions for your next board meeting

In June, the UK National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) partner organisation in Australia, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), posed three questions to their business readers. At Kloudwerk, we believe these questions are critical for you to consider and we felt compelled to share with all our SME followers, who typically are non-tech minded business executives.


Since the global pandemic, then the invasion of Ukraine, we have been saturated with global bad news stories about cyberattacks, data breaches, ransoms, and “rapid surges” in cybercrime.

As a result, it is understandable that many will feel cyber-fatigued and want to disconnect from the chaos. However, we need to continue to remain vigilant for the protection of our business and clients.

What are your options?
You can make a number of executive decisions regarding your business and how you would like to manage your cyber risk exposure. Let’s explore further.

Option 1. Do nothing and simply accept the risk – Brave move! 
Option 2. Buy expensive software and hire the most expensive and glamorous cybersecurity personnel in the land – can you afford that? 
Option 3. Find a middle ground, a solution that aligns with your risk appetite at an acceptable cost.

The ACSC suggest that understanding your threat environment is critical. Kloudwerk also believes this is crucial for any business with a website or internet access; not just for the large firms, but for small and medium firms, governments, NGO’s, charities, sport clubs, even your local device charging station.

The 3 questions posed by the ACSC:

  1.  Consider, who may target your business? 
  2.  What infrastructure could the cyber criminals target?
  3.  What is the possible consequence of a successful cyber-attack on your business?

Board or Executive Meetings – Action item

If you haven’t already formally considered these questions, Kloudwerk highly recommends these are added to the agenda for your next meeting for discussion. As your business grows, these three questions need to be revisited regularly, as the answers may well have changed. You may not have all of the solutions; the point is one of awareness and making sure you are comfortable with your level of protection against the identified risk.

Kloudwerk previously identified and discussed in a recent article “IT vs Cyber – what’s the difference” article that your IT professionals will often require support from a Cyber Security Specialist. Antivirus software can often be swiftly bypassed by even a relatively novice cybercriminal. 

The Cyber Security Specialist will develop a threat model that aligns with the critical systems for your SME for a reasonable budget. They will also equip you with ongoing security practices to develop cyber resilience as the threat landscape continuously evolves. 

These solutions are specifically designed by specialists in cyber security and business to ensure up to date industry standards are implemented. All with a critical eye kept on ensuring appropriate returns on investment and value for money for every firm are achieved.


If your organisation is not clear on the cyber risks, or the solutions, Kloudwerk are here to help you. We fill your security gap by utillising seasoned security professionals in our affordable consulting packages.  

– We build an understanding of your organisation
– We develop a roadmap to address key risks
– We help you implement the required changes and keep your business protected on an ongoing basis.

Visit our Cyber Consultancy page for more information.


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