The Cloud Market today

Cloud computing is the logical path for any business to mature technologically

Cloud hosts are proving to be more resilient to electronic crime given size and resources

Amazon were the first to identify expanding cloud services on an industrial scale for corporates.  MicrosoftGoogle, and IBM are the next largest providers while others are joining the race. Competition in the fast-evolving Cloud Service Provider (CSP) market is fierce, the two main battlegrounds being IT infrastructure for computing, networking and storage on the one hand, with value-add services such as database security, disaster recovery and business applications on the other.

In Europe, just over 25% of companies use cloud computing for emails and storage

The cloud industry is still being organised, but the pace of growth is undoubted.  In a sense, any large corporate is already managing its own private cloud.  It progressively moves the real estate management of its own parks to third parties, winds down hardware by moving to cloud providers in a hybrid model, and then may adopt a public cloud service altogether in order to focus on its core business.  Location & concentration risk can be addressed by using multiple CSPs.  Cloud computing is the logical path for a business to mature technologically.  Its adoption is inevitable.

Our Memo provides further insight.

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