Law Practice Technology

Lawyers are handling more cases with greater speed, accuracy and quality

Similar to how we approached our insight on legal business software, let us put a framework around practice software. There are many areas where we see fascinating tech tools adopted by lawyers, principally in the automation of workflows of sufficiently standardised services, while online legal communities are propelling those firms bold enough to engage in the dynamics of an internet presence.

The notion that legal expertise is being rendered obsolete through technology is nonsense

Rather, electronic document analysis can replace otherwise manually intensive tasks, not just the sourcing, sorting and customised filtering of content, but also its comprehensive reading. These intelligent analytical aids leave you to focus on and interpret the law. Adopting smart contracts that are drawn up, negotiated and signed electronically, all safely and securely actioned through human intelligence will offer greater value-for-money.  Chatbots take things a step further by allowing your clients to ask questions and get answers anytime from anywhere, leaving the door open for subsequent person-to-person connections with your partners.

Technology will continue to disrupt the distribution channels of your business to your advantage

Our engagement with outside media is expanding dramatically, leaving us to become informed through headlines on a vast array of subjects.  You will be best suited to draft the phrases that will make your portal enjoy higher volumes of traffic, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) technology will get you there.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is most certainly assisting humans within the legal profession, where fascinating fields are opening up as technology and law meet with ethical issues.  Our aim in this insight is to remain in the realm of what is tangible for your practice.

Our Memo provides further insight.

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