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Kloudwerk Case Studies - Part 2

Our Cyber Security consultancy packages are aimed at protecting your business. But working with our team can provide you with so much more. Here are some of the actual improvements offered by Kloudwerk consultants to clients. Read on for some ideas on how you can leverage Kloudwerk’s security packages.

To help win new business

We are seeing more and more businesses carrying out cyber security due diligence before signing contracts with new suppliers. This due diligence will often involve completing a comprehensive security questionnaire on how the supplier is managing cyber security. This is not a form ticking exercise and in we have seen many cases where there are up to 100 questions to address. The process is a form of risk management whilst also serving as an input to tender management. Ultimately, the buyer needs assurance that any data or access they share with the supplier will be protected accordingly. A poorly scored security questionnaire can raise red flags and potentially lead to alternative suppliers being chosen who have more healthy security practices in place.

Our consultant was engaged to help complete a security questionnaire on behalf of a client. Following this exercise, it was mutually agreed to implement a security improvement plan. The consultant also offered to speak with the client’s prospective new customer to give assurance that the client had engaged the appropriate professional support. The result was a good one for all parties.

The client won the business which not only covered the cost of the security improvement plan but created an ongoing consultancy relationship to ensure their cyber security hygiene remained up to date and relevant as the company grew.


To become certified by the Cyber Essentials Scheme

Similar to the above example of a company using cyber security to gain competitive advantage, another client was helped to achieve the same outcome using the Cyber Essentials Scheme. The Cyber Essentials Scheme helps companies implement basic security practices and demonstrate compliance by either self-assessment or engaging an auditor to verify compliance (through the Cyber Essentials Plus Scheme).  

One firm started noticing they were being queried on their compliance with Cyber Essentials and decided to engage our consultant to assist. After guiding the client on how to best implement the requirements, assistance was given to complete the self-assessment questionnaire and ultimately gain compliance. The client is now on the way to certification by the Cyber Essentials Plus version to demonstrate compliance using an independent auditor. 

To upskill staff by performing security awareness training and drills

Although the foundations behind most security breaches (social engineering, errors, basic hacking) do not change much over time, the threats are constantly evolving. It is tricky for a colleague in marketing, finance or even IT to keep up with the latest techniques cyber criminals are using to break into organisations. There are many online solutions available such as annual security awareness training, questionnaires etc. However, such solutions rarely deliver high levels of staff engagement and therefore rarely deliver much value.  

One firm recently wanted to give its staff classroom-based security awareness training, so they could ask questions and get more out of the training. Our consultant put together a training program which was engaging using a combination of theory and practice. Various drills to test and measure the level of awareness over time were incorporated and continue to receive positive feedback from participants as well as the organisation itself. 

Kloudwerk works with you to help you keep the cyber criminals out. We offer affordable cyber security consultancy packages for business customers.  Please visit our Cyber Consultancy page for more information.


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