Cyber security needs a human approach

Firms are spending more on cyber security than ever, yet breaches are increasing year on year, and at greater resulting cost. Are the solutions part of the problem?

Today, if you are an SME, it is likely you are not sure if the approach you are taking to cyber security is the right one. Firms are spending more on cyber security than ever, yet breaches are increasing year on year, and at greater resulting cost.

One of the biggest issues is how SMEs utilise the plethora of solutions on the market.  

Everyone wants to enter the security solution sector; it is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries with a large number of companies offering an ever-growing choice of software solutions.

That may be one of the problems.
The industry is full of companies trying to sell their scalable SaaS (Software as a Service). There are now software solutions for virtually every issue. Training, anti-virus, logging, incident response etc.

All of this is fine for larger organisations with deep pockets, who have security experts in-house who can guide the business to the right solutions based on risk ROI.  

SMEs often cannot afford such luxuries. So they take various point solutions without necessarily having a full understanding of which solutions will address their real risks.  

At Kloudwerk, we are different.
We are not trying to sell a software solution. Effective cyber security needs a holistic approach. As advanced as software technology has become, it is still only one third of the holistic solution to cyber risk. The other two thirds are people and process.  

That is what we do. We use security experts because we believe that is what SMEs need. Your business needs someone who understands it, along with your people, your goals, your culture, and your existing technology. Once we have this context, we can help you identify and address the security risks in your business  

When risks are clear and known, your business will no longer be shooting in the dark when it comes to solutions. Understanding the risks will produce a demonstrable return on investment. That is, reducing cyber risk in the most cost efficient and effective way.  

We know humans are not as scalable as SaaS, but we know understanding your people and your business is the right approach. SME’s generally do not have the luxury of in-house cyber security teams and often do not even have an IT expert. We fill your security gap by utillising seasoned security professionals in our affordable consulting packages. 

– We build an understanding of your organisation
– We develop a roadmap to address key risks
– We help you implement the required changes and keep your business protected on an ongoing basis. 

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