Cyber Attacks - What are they actually?

Something unexpected has happened, your IT team has advised of a systems’ hack

Your company’s website has been defaced – it had to be taken offline.  Your systems have been blocked from usage – a denial of service attack.  There has been a breach of your data server – client information has been stolen.  Not an everyday occurrence, but certainly a reality experienced or heard of, and perhaps on-going within your organisation as you read this.

Mainstream media is awash with news about households and corporations hit by online crime.  The headlines focus on big name corporations and financial costs in the millions.  Board directors and the senior leadership team are ultimately responsible for a company’s successes and failures.  They are faced with an array of business-critical topics requiring a course of action.  They expect to be fully briefed on complex matters and very basic questions will come raining down hard & fast.

“How good is our security?” or “Are we safe?”

You may well have to respond to these questions in your capacity as IT Manager or Practice Manager, so let us imagine being the object of a grilling by senior management when something unexpected happens.

The executive team needs to hear that threats evolve and grow.

The motivations of perpetrators stretch from enthusiast curiosity to economic gain, terrorism & warfare.  Pockets funding the industry of hacking an electronic system through the internet are deep.  The standard ‘kill-chain’ involves the target being surveyed for vulnerabilities, a foothold gained, a weakness exploited, the attack goal achieved.  It is therefore key to understand that defences from attack need to be layered and include a range of measures from technology solutions to user education.

Our Memo provides further insight.

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