The Origins of Cloud Computing

The internet is a global network of computers, aka the cloud

We get the imagery, but there is nothing celestial about it.  In reality it means using very terrestrial hardware and software of remote third party providers, versus your own local infrastructure.  The trend is one-way only, more cloud.  It’s a significant endeavour for any corporation to undertake and there are many compelling reasons to do so.

But let us first put your up-coming cloud migration into context.  We’ll go back in time for you to realise how quickly technology has evolved, and how companies & households have embraced it.

Cloud services are the logical conclusion of a 20th Century telecoms revolution

It all started with early wire-based telegraphs & telephones when science turned sound into electronic form.  Telephony followed an evolution that remained wire-based all the way until the commercialisation of mobile phones.  On the other hand, wireless audio (radio) and visual (tv) communication followed a separate evolutionary path.

The magic happened when turning sounds & images into radiation

The word radiation comes from the Latin word ‘radius’ or beam.  Electro-magnetic radiation soon was commonly called a radio wave, transmitting audio & visual content through the air in two forms, analogue and digital, between emitters and receiving towers & aerials.  Combined with the massive landline systems of telephone companies feeding into corporations and households, wire-based infrastructure was adapted to deliver internet access via ADSL and broadband.  Computers have become digital telephone & tv systems using Internet Protocol (IP), and the internet itself is a global network of computers, aka the cloud.

Our Memo provides further insight.

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