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"Everybody has to pay attention to the digital revolution." David Bonderman

Alternative Tech

Private Equity is realising value through data science

The special skill set of operators in Private Equity and Venture Capital is a mix of deep relationships and mastery of quantitative analytical tools that assist in the origination, due diligence and value enhancement of acquisition targets.  The qualitative edge is your respect and quest for the unknown, as you pioneer the use of data science in investing.

Smart technology is first and foremost useful technology

Private Capital managers are steadily embracing sophisticated technology as a business management tool.  Storing and processing data in cloud-based management systems puts you in the position of being able to report in real-time to the fund managers, investors, third party service providers and, when audited or inspected, to your external accountants and regulator.

The Private Capital market is seeing unprecedented buyout activity at record high valuations.  Pioneering use of data science will make the difference by undertaking deeper fact-based analysis of exponentially expanding structured data.  You will know that hidden value is not always present in rows and columns of numbers and are increasingly employing the skills of data scientists who are capable of ‘taming’ big data.

You possess a data set that can literally be monetised

The deal team will already include analysts with amazing Excel and PowerPoint skills together with strong familiarity of traditional internet search engines.  Technology engineers will add their expertise by deploying machine learning techniques to identify rich unstructured sources of information and find connections to other sets of data.  The process requires large amounts of computing power which is efficiently obtained through cloud-driven business models.

For Private Capital the implications are significant at each stage of the acquisition cycle – pipeline screening, in-deal execution, and post-deal value realisation.  Having structured what was once unstructured data, this now proprietary information sharpens the outcome and gives you an automatic advantage.

Our Memo provides further insight.


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Imagine you own a house and want to add an additional floor. First you have to review and strengthen the foundations. This service builds cybersecurity foundations to facilitate growth in a resilient, timely manner.

This service will also provide the company with a cybersecurity risk assessment and improvement plan but with significantly more support from a senior consultant to help the company embed improvements in a continuous, timely manner


The dreaded car MOT is looming. It’s the unforeseen wear & tear that results in some necessary annual maintenance. Our cybersecurity review will highlight what needs to be done as your engineers.

In addition to the context gathering stage and security footprinting service, a senior consultant will perform a risk assessment to understand the company’s cyber risks and provide recommendations. They will also be available to undertake monthly calls for answering questions, providing guidance and checking on whether risks are reducing.


You’re embarking on a more active lifestyle, chosen to go on a diet and get in shape. Think of this service as the cybersecurity equivalent of the personal trainer, helping you along the way.

After an initial context gathering stage, a junior security consultant will be available once per month to answer questions and provide recommendations based on company goals and activities. A cybersecurity footprinting service will allow the company to continuously monitor its external security posture.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.