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aws security as a service

AWS Security As A Service

Helping your team protect your cloud assets. 

One-off consulting or continuous monitoring and improvement – the choice is yours!

Utilize the full security potential of what AWS has to offer

Prevention, Detection, Response and Remediation – before your company can use the tools available in AWS, you should build the underlying processes and procedures. 

We can help with that! 


By default, some AWS services are secure, others need configuration and security hardening. 

The most important aspect of protecting your AWS cloud assets is sound security architecture and secure implementation. 


Hackers can use legitimate tools and credentials to do malicious tasks. 

Being able to distinguish between the actions of a legitimate user and those of a hacker makes all the difference between a small security incident and a devastating breach. 


The first minutes and hours after the inevitable security incident determine its scope and impact. 

If you detect the incident quickly and isolate the hacker while they still scout your environment, your company is saved. 

If you allow them to achieve their objectives, you’ll have a major security incident on your hands. 



Sometimes, you need to rebuild everything after a major security incident. 

After most other incidents, you must remediate the damage done to specific accounts and assets. 

We will help you establish the right processes and procedures and train your team to know which action is appropriate for specific incident types.

Knowledge and Experience

Want your business protected as well as a bank? 

As a nuclear power plant?

As a successful SaaS business?

We are here to help. 


Let's discuss your AWS security

Have questions?



Imagine you own a house and want to add an additional floor. First you have to review and strengthen the foundations. This service builds cybersecurity foundations to facilitate growth in a resilient, timely manner.

This service will also provide the company with a cybersecurity risk assessment and improvement plan but with significantly more support from a senior consultant to help the company embed improvements in a continuous, timely manner


The dreaded car MOT is looming. It’s the unforeseen wear & tear that results in some necessary annual maintenance. Our cybersecurity review will highlight what needs to be done as your engineers.

In addition to the context gathering stage and security footprinting service, a senior consultant will perform a risk assessment to understand the company’s cyber risks and provide recommendations. They will also be available to undertake monthly calls for answering questions, providing guidance and checking on whether risks are reducing.


You’re embarking on a more active lifestyle, chosen to go on a diet and get in shape. Think of this service as the cybersecurity equivalent of the personal trainer, helping you along the way.

After an initial context gathering stage, a junior security consultant will be available once per month to answer questions and provide recommendations based on company goals and activities. A cybersecurity footprinting service will allow the company to continuously monitor its external security posture.

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